Gears for Africa Engineering teams perform needs and diagnostic analyses to probe client workplace requirements and profiles and to provide optimal solutions customized to our customers’ needs. Gears for Africa is about more than just gears; we are leaders in providing specialized machining and gearing services and real-time business intelligence.


Gears for Africa core business is manufacturing a full range of gearing equipment and plants for the industrial and heavy duty sectors.

Our versatility in gearing and machining services gives us a manufacturing ability that delivers on-time precision and economy of production. Continual innovation has insured that our regular machine shop services are also very cost competitive.


Gears for Africa offers a full repair service. Repairing old gearboxes is often considerably more economical and will fit the existing footprint requirement, unlike a new gearbox, which typically requires modifications.

Have an emergency repair? We can get you back up and running with our speedy 24 hour emergency repair service.


Gears for Africa has the expertise to totally replicate products or parts of gearing products that for whatever reason, have become locally or totally unavailable. Our equipment replication service can save time and cost and eliminate downtime at client workplaces where the particular tool might be operationally urgently required.


With GFA’s company’s wide range of manufacturing capabilities, we are able to service almost any machining need you have.

With GFA’s company’s wide range of manufacturing capabilities, we are able to service almost any machining need you have, including:
    •   CNC Turning, Milling, Hobbing & Shaping
    •   Gear Inspection, Grinding & Shaving
    •   Straight Bevel Gear Cutting
    •   Broaching.

Let GFA look at your program and put all these assets to work for you!

GFA also offers special maintenance contracts to ensure your machinery are also in peak operational condition, and to pro-actively prevent possible costly breakdowns.


GFA has the expertise to add gear tooth designs to your drawings or designs, using UTS Gear Design and Manufacturing Software. We can help with those difficult long or short addendum gears, non standard pitch diameters, and non standard center distances special helical gears internal of external.

We also have CAD/CAM to help with other designs and programming. We can transfer programs for our CNC lathes and mills from the design computer right into the machining centers computer, and back again. We can store programs on backup systems for future use and save programming time for repeat jobs.